What You Think Is Worship Is Not Worship?

​In this hour and 34 minutes sermon, Dr. Myles Munroe explains to us the importance of worship; learning the mind of God towards us. Are you willing to associate yourself with this desire to worship Him in spirit and in truth? What you think is worship is not worship? Learn the true purpose of worship from this sermon. You will be enlighten by Dr. Munroe’s knowledge of the “Means to An End,” and never do the purpose in which it was intended.

The only way to know God is to read His thoughts, so it’s important to read the Word of God. You will begin to learn God by coming closer to Him. This is the starting point in your new worship experience. You can only worship God in the degree that you know Him. How can you appreciate Him today and forevermore?

Praise God! Share your opinion about this sermon, and help others to believe in Him more through your inspired words.


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